We try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We say things as they are. This is how we have decided to operate. We are not without fault, but we believe that when a person tries their best, the end result is usually good.

Tomi is one of the pioneers of Finnish wind energy. He began his career by building wind farms in his native Southern Ostrobothnia. Before Pohjan Voima, he worked as CEO of LeaseGreen, an energy efficiency company, and as Vice President of Energy at YIT.

Tomi Mäkipelto
Co-founder and CEO at Pohjan Voima
+358 50 370 4092

If you have any questions, give me a call and we can talk. It’s an old method, but it works.

Tomi Mäkipelto

Juho has been in charge of financing and project management on many large Finnish industrial projects. Juho’s career has been full of interesting positions in Helsinki and London, but his heart and his roots are in Pälkäne in Häme.

Juho Rönni
Founder and Financial Director at Pohjan Voima
+358 40 824 8780

Anssi brings extensive experience in subscriber organizations and contracting to Pohjan Voima. With years of experience in wind power, he has been involved in building over 100 wind turbines.

Anssi Koski
Project Director
+358 50 386 2518

Ossi-Matti is responsible for preparing tenancy agreements and their related negotiations. A large part of his job involves discussions with private landowners.

Ossi-Matti Lahtinen
Land Use Manager
+358 50 360 9134

Sami is a heavyweight of project management. Before Pohjan Voima he worked at E.M. Pekkinen, a construction company in Espoo.

Sami Merelä
Project Manager
+358 50 911 8369

Mira is an expert in power station design and previously worked for Sweco and Valmet. At Pohjan Voima, Mira’s primary responsibilities are in project development.

Mira Talonen (on family leave)
Project Manager
+358 50 316 0148

Tuomas is familiar with measuring hybrid wind farms and is currently writing his Master’s thesis on the topic for Pohjan Voima. As a student of electrical and industrial engineering and management, he wants to be part of making Finland a trailblazer in energy transition.

Tuomas Westerling
Thesis worker, project assistant
+358 45 275 4060

Mika is responsible for connecting Pohjan Voima’s projects to the main grid and internal network. He has over ten years experience in licensing, planning and building power grid projects.

Mika Winter
Electrical Manager
+358 50 386 2509


The Board of Directors at Pohjan Voima include Per-Erik ErikssonDaniel CambridgeTomi Mäkipelto, and Juho Rönni.

Pohjan Voima is owned by the Swedish green energy company Arise, the insurance company LähiTapiola, and the executive management. Arise is one of Sweden’s leading wind power companies and a strategic partner of Pohjan Voima. Arise finances the development phase of Pohjan Voima’s projects and supports their construction and operation with its expertise.